Interpol Puts WikiLeaks Boss on Most Wanted List

According to the BBC, Interpol is pulling out all the stops to find and arrest Julian Assange on charges of “sexual misconduct.” Interesting how that charge keeps going away, and then coming back. Can’t help wondering if it’s a way to get him into custody in case the US wants to extradite him, since he hasn’t broken any EuroLaws.

I haven’t decided entirely how I feel about the issue, but one thing’s for sure: if they decide to prosecute this guy and make a martyr of him, it will prove that the government is indeed a brainless monster — especially given that there are several other people involved with running WikiLeaks (and that the whole thing is the USG’s fault for not closing the barn door before anyone could get to the horse).

But than that’s the way we do things. We don’t think, we react. Look at Homeland Security.


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