Is Taking An Aspirin A Day A Good Idea?

Some 43 million Americans do it every day: take a tiny aspirin to help prevent heart attacks and strokes. In fact, doctors have been routinely recommending the practice to older adults for years. But recently, experts have been questioning the aspirin-a-day regimen, concerned that this everyday miracle drug can pose serious risks, including bleeding in the brain and stomach.

The aspirin-a-day controversy erupted publicly in March when a 10-year study of nearly 30,000 adults ages 50 to 75 without known heart disease found that a daily aspirin didn’t offer any discernible protection.  MORE…

1 thought on “Is Taking An Aspirin A Day A Good Idea?

  1. ldsrr91

    Hey Bill, enjoying the weekend? I take one every day because of HBP and Diabetes, doctor recommended and all that. The only thing or precaution I take on my part is to slowly dissolve the aspirin in my mouth before swallowing and washing down with “bottle water” (hahahahahaha) figure this is better on the stomach that way.



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