Remarks on Gay Teen Suicide

We now have another well-publicized suicide of a gay teenager.

It’s well-known in the mental health field that suicides come in clusters, especially in well-defined groups of teens.  I imagine that we can expect to see more gay teens at risk — especially since they might see their “sacrifice” as advancing the cause of gay equality by bringing attention to discrimination.

They might well be right, and that might be a slight upside to the loss of these kids.  Still, if you know a teen who might fit into this category, now would be a great time to show some compassion and support.  We don’t need sacrifices, we need live people with a conscience.  There aren’t enough.

I had a good friend who blew his brains out with his dad’s gun at age about 19, because he was gay, depressed, and got no support.  I still miss him.

2 thoughts on “Remarks on Gay Teen Suicide

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  2. chantale

    This whole situation is tragic and sad. We have vocal people in New York that are unwittingly making the situation worse for these kids. Just when you think the climate is getting better for lgbt folks to come out, a few numbskulls push us back to the pre-liberation days. It is 2010, not 1950!


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