So, are we ready for another Hate Hillary Fest?

Speculating that President Obama will replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton on the 2012 ticket has been a private pastime among some Democrats the past few months, and it broke into the open Tuesday night when investigative reporter Bob Woodward said it was a possibility in an interview on CNN.

via Bob Woodward: Hillary Clinton as VP is \’on the table\’ – Carol E. Lee –

1 thought on “So, are we ready for another Hate Hillary Fest?

  1. william wallace

    On an wider picture as a depth to the future.
    Hillary will be judged as a threat to the plans
    of Republicans. Threaten their military path
    as set over decades by (extreme republicans
    crackpot ideas beliefs that based as rooted in
    halfbaked interpretation of christian scripture.

    The Republican UTOPIA seen under threat if
    Hillary be president. / Thus her life will be in
    grave danger. There be (attempts) on her life
    thus if Hillary victim of food poisoning /falling
    down a flight of stair /> plane crash /then her
    death should be seen /looked on with concern.

    The choice in an USA election between Hillary
    as xxxx will decide the fate of humanity. /One
    path leaves hope / the other total destruction.

    Regard to Obama ONE can’t govern a nation
    just on being its first black president / such a
    novelty was not going to last for long. / In the
    end people want real MEANINGFUL results
    not an hollywood movie/the world of fantasy.

    In taking away the fact of the black novelty
    Obama never had the qualifications in being
    president ( in saying such not being cruel as
    unkind) if qualify president / takes10 points
    then Obama having only 7 points. The being
    black put FORTH an attempt making up for
    shortcomings was(LONG TERM) due to fail.

    T’woud be FAR the best for ALL that Obama
    step down now /thus Hillary brought forward
    in the ranks/ she prepared being party leader.
    Such a event would catch the republicans /out
    of step / as give the democrats time in making
    a new much stronger line of defence /as attack.

    If a Republican party allowed freely go forward
    unchallenged /where american people continue
    to close their eyes /then a course set that takes
    humanity to its ending with its total destruction.

    PS. in leaving govt the republicans used a cruel
    burn //destroy policy/against their own people
    leaving the coutry in an appalling state at every
    level of govt. /Thus in leaving the Democrats a
    appalling situation when returned to GOVT the
    situation so bad it would take MANY years just
    to make basic change in returning people’s hope
    rge returning of democracy freedom / love light.


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