Karl Is First Major Hurricane On Record In Bay Of Campeche

Hurricane Karl made landfall on the Mexican coast ten miles north of Veracruz at 1pm EDT Friday as a Category 3 hurricane with 115 mph winds. Veracruz was on the weak (left) side of Karl’s eyewall, and did not receive hurricane force winds, except perhaps at the extreme northern edge of the city. Winds at the Veracruz Airport, located on the west side of the city, peaked at sustained speeds of 46 mph, gusting to 58 mph, at 11:54am local time. Radar out of Alvarado shows that Karl has kept its eyewall intact well inland, even as the storm moves into the high mountains east of Mexico City. Karl was the first major hurricane on record in the Bay of Campeche–the region of the Gulf of Mexico bounded by the Yucatan Peninsula on the east.  (Dr. Jeff Masters’ blog, Weather Underground) MORE…

The times, they are a-changin’…and so is the weather.  But don’t worry folks!  It’s just a natural fluctuation in weather patterns.  The fact that it’s following the predictions of all those pointy-headed liberal scientists don’t mean nothin’.  Climate change is still a myth, so put your heads back in the sand and relax.

Oh, and remember: “Climate is what you expect; weather is what you get.”  Think about that.  Or not.

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