Iconoclasm and Addiction — Sunrise Detox Blog

What bothers me every time people start trashing celebrity alcoholics and addicts is that it indicates how, half a century and more after alcoholism (and later addiction) were recognized officially as diseases, we as a society still view them with a moralistic attitude.


3 thoughts on “Iconoclasm and Addiction — Sunrise Detox Blog

  1. jonolan

    I was actually dredging up from memory data from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, but I don’t have a great link to use and it was from 5 or 6 years ago and might not even be on the web.

    But, leaving out my description of the attitudes of people and making the statement much more clinical, let me say then that alcohol abusers far outnumber true alcoholics and society tends to treat both groups as if they were the larger, less excusable group.

  2. jonolan

    This is possibly because a great number of supposed alcoholics and addicts are nothing but people who’ve made poor choices repeatedly instead of people with any disease or genetic predilection.

    Such things as addiction bear the brunt of society’s backlash against the over-diagnosis of diseases and disorders in order to either sell drugs and/or therapy or to absolve people from responsibility for their actions.

    1. Bill Post author

      That “great number” is an interesting statement. Can you back that up with statistics from a reputable source, or is it simply your opinion?

      I’ve been in the field for quite a while, and I don’t recall seeing those numbers.


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