We seem to oscillate between spirituality and materialism.  Two hundred years of materialism got us into the mess we’re in now, so we’re swinging back in the direction of spirituality.

Trouble is, spirituality didn’t do much for us when we tried it for the thousands of years before the materialism.  Maybe it’s time for a new tack.  How about reality?

3 thoughts on “Musing

  1. crackerboy44 Post author

    Really not what I referred to at all, but an interesting take on the short term. Do you find that people become more likely to share when times are hard? My observation is just the reverse…but again, we may be discussing different scales.

  2. Laura

    Maybe it’s not so much spirituality and materialism as community versus self centredness. I think there is a pull towards community and building and co-operation when things get tight and people are scared, worried about basic needs. Then, when things are good and there is plenty people go overboard, buy far more than they need and live to excess. More of everything, a perverted lifestyle. But the pendulum swings back as too much is consumed and not enough put back into the community. Then we expect everyone to pull together again and live in moderation.


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