Policymakers recognise peak oil threat, now they need to deal with it

Comment – Policymakers recognise peak oil threat, now they need to deal with it – The Ecologist

To its credit, the British government, through the voice of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), has recently changed its previous position. DECC now admits that, ‘we don’t know what the future of supply and demand will be, but we do recognise the risks’

Is Peak Oil happening next year or in 20 years? DECC just doesn’t know who to believe.

As a student working on this topic, earlier this year, I was able to meet officials of DECC and a team of experts from the European Commission’s Energy Directorate-General. Those are the ones in charge of securing our energy supplies.

You will be glad to learn that DECC doesn’t have the capacity to make its own assessments on oil production, or so I was told. Our societies may be totally dependent upon a finite resource, but the government has no idea when it will start to decline. This has a name: irresponsible behaviour. …

Why is it that no one ever mentions the fact that, regardless of whether or not we develop a carbon-negative world — regardless of nuclear, hydro, solar and the other potential power sources — for the entire future of society as we know it we will be largely dependent on oil and petroleum products.  Can you say fertilizer?  How about plastics?  Nylon – Rayon – Dacron – polyester.  Car seats.  Tires.  The monitor you’re viewing this on. Adhesives.  Explosives to carry out the wars that we use to drive our economy.  We’ll be needing petroleum products for a long, looooong time!

We can’t afford to waste oil, period!  Even disregarding climate change.  Not unless we want our grandkids to spend their time mining landfills for old detergent bottles.

And don’t give me that mindless crap about how science will figure it all out.  Climate change is a perfect example of why that doesn’t fly: when science does figure it out, half of us stick our heads in the sand and pretend science doesn’t know what it’s talking about — unless it can be twisted to “prove” that cavemen lived with dinosaurs, or other such rot.

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