Torture Yes! Goose Killing, No!

This is ridiculous!

Where were the demonstrations about waterboarding?  Is goose activism more acceptable than demonstrating about torture for some obscure reason, or is it just easier (and maybe safer) because no one is demonstrating  for the other side?

Angry readers flooded newspapers with letters condemning what many called the “murder” or “execution” of the flock. Canadian media declared it a “deadly summer” for Canada geese south of the border. A Huffington Post columnist even compared the incident to the Swiss government’s decision not to extradite filmmaker Roman Polanski to the United States to face rape charges. “There’s something very wrong with society when a court sets a child rapist free while 400 law-abiding geese … are summarily executed,” Andy Ostroy wrote.

Critics, though, say officials have been too quick to kill birds and are taking the easy way out rather than spending time on egg-addling or educating people not to feed geese or do other things that acclimatize them to urban settings. They also say migratory birds, not resident flocks, were likely to blame for the US Airways crash….

“…I think aviation safety is just an excuse” to cull, said Barbara Stagno of In Defense of Animals, which is planning a rally Aug. 12 at City Hall to press New York to stop culls.

Apparently it’s OK to torture people who are alleged
to have helped down airplanes, but it’s not OK to kill geese that have
downed airplanes.  Ask Sully Sullenberger and his passengers about

Canada geese rounded up for execution –

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