When Is Congress Going To Start Paying Attention? When Afghans Fly? Probably Not.

Consider it…a modern miracle in reverse that the U.S. has proven incapable of training a competent Afghan force in a country where arms are the norm, fighting has for decades seldom stopped, and the locals are known for their war-fighting traditions. Similarly, it’s abidingly curious that the U.S. has so far failed to train a modest-sized air force, even flying refurbished Italian light transport planes from the 1980s and…Russian helicopters, when the Soviet Union, the last imperial power to try this, proved up to creating an Afghan force able to pilot aircraft ranging from helicopters to fighter planes.

All the Strangeness of Our American Way of War in One Article

Typically American.  Get a bright idea and throw money at it.  Our problems isn’t that the Afghans need to speak English…the problem is that we don’t have enough people who speak Dari.  That, and the fact that we are unable to cut through bureaucracy and bullshit and solve problems creatively.  And that’s not the fault of the dirty boots, it’s the brass who are more concerned with doctrine than common sense.

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