Environmental Tidbits

GM Will Use New Green Refrigerant For Auto A/Cs

GM’s new refrigerant remains in the atmosphere for just 11 days, according to Honeywell, its producer. Honeywell calculates that the low global warming potential (GWP) and the short lifetime of its HFO achieve a 99.7 percent improvement in the climate impact of its refrigerant compared to the current HFC-134a it replaces.

Smoke From Forest Fires Strangles Moscow

Muscovites struggled to breathe on Monday and Red Square was blanketed in smoke as a record-setting heatwave that that has already ruined crops caused fires that set the area around the capital ablaze.

Holding Off Dementia

A new study by researchers at the University of Cambridge has discovered that people who have received more education are less likely to develop dementia

New Health Risk Found in Public Pools

The findings, announced this week, link the application of disinfectants in recreational pools to genetic cell damage that has been shown to be linked with adverse health outcomes such as asthma and bladder cancer.

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