Won’t you smile a while for me? (Just don’t talk, please.)

Why is Sarah Palin even a factor in American politics?  She claims to speak for the “Heartland” (whatever that is), yet she’s from Alaska, about as far from the US heartland as you can get without wearing tropical clothing year-round.  She walked away from her only major political position, seeming to tire of her responsibilities in favor of self-aggrandizement.  She has trouble speaking in specifics about anything that’s not in a prepared speech (by gosh), can’t articulate anything substantive about foreign policy, the economy, or what she’d do about them, prefers to speak in buzz words and vague references, and seems to think that looks and charm can get you anywhere — for good reason, I suppose.

Of course the faction she’s appealing to recently elected President, twice, a man who had never run a successful business and who spent eight years and two trillion dollars refining his record, so maybe that’s what’s encouraging her.

Got an opinion? Keep it clean. Don't ask open-ended questions, like "Does the Pope belong to a coven?" Make it pertinent.

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