“The Girl Who Played With Fire”

“The Girl Who Played With Fire”: Out of the past – Andrew O’Hehir, Movie Critic – Salon.com

Are Fincher and screenwriter Steven Zaillian really going to make one of those ’50s-style movies where the characters all live in a foreign country but speak English? That particular suspension of disbelief works OK if you’re dealing with the distant, mythic past — nobody expects a movie like “300” to be in ancient Greek, although that would be kind of cool — but otherwise I associate it with cheeseball costume dramas shot in rented Italian villas, or pompous middlebrow movies about how much some dude loves his cello. If they don’t do that, though — if they transfer the setting to, say, Cape Cod or the Napa Valley — well, that screws up the plot in all kinds of ways and you might as well make a different movie.

We’ll let those people sit around in Malibu spending millions of dollars trying to figure that out, and in the meantime we’ve got Alfredson and Frykberg’s lean, mean and workmanlike adaptation…

If you don’t know what this is about, don’t worry.  It only means that you’re hopeless.

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