The Bad Stewards

The human race is sort of like a spoiled rich brat, that inherited a fortune and blew it all on wine, debauchery and song, only to die penniless in the street.  Thing is, only about 20% of us got the bank account number, and we’re taking the other 80% right into the gutter with us.

Damn Fertile Crescent.  Hadn’t been for that we’d have remained hunter-gatherers a lot longer, and might have learned enough about being human to have bypassed this destructive stage.

Happy Monday.

1 thought on “The Bad Stewards

  1. jonolan

    I don’t think the lack of the Fertile Crescent would have made that much difference in the long run. Most early tribes / groups of Man were nomadic and seems to me from my research that this nomadic life was due to having to move on as they over hunted each new area.

    Not at all. The nomads moved with the seasons, following the animals and edible plants. Because they lacked sophisticated weapons, they mostly culled weak, lame and young animals when and as they could — which, as I am sure you know, tends to strengthen the strains in herd animals and simply keeps their numbers in check. All indications are that the diets of people in those days was primarily plant food, gathered during travel, and that meat was an occasional (but necessary) addition.

    Read some social anthropology, Guns, Germs and Steel, by Jared Diamond, would be a palatable place to begin, and get back to me.


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