Americans still held captive by “zombie” lies

Americans still held captive by “zombie” lies – Tea Parties | Tea Party Movement, Tax Day Tea Party –

By the time President Obama was inaugurated last January, the economy was bleeding 750,000 lost jobs a month; the Congressional Budget Office had already projected the FY 2009 deficit at $1.3 trillion — a budget written by the Bush White House. After taking over in 2001 with a healthy budget surplus and some economists warning against paying down the debt too fast, Bush doubled it to over $10 trillion in eight short years.

Yet there was Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, on CNN, allowing as how he’s “waiting for this administration to take responsibility.” He accused the Obama administration of “tripling” the annual deficit, as brazen a falsehood as can be imagined. Is it even necessary to say that neither Cornyn nor any Republican who twiddled his thumbs throughout Bush’s two terms has condescended to explain what exact combination of revenue increases and spending cuts is needed to reduce the deficit short term?

But they sure are great at saying “No!”, aren’t they? Seems to be about all they’re good for.

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