UCLA’s New School of Thought

UCLA’s New School of Thought | Miller-McCune Online

…in many ways, McNaughton’s class differs sharply from others in Los Angeles. Hers is part of a pilot school — created in a partnership between the University of California, Los Angeles, and the district — that is attempting a new strategy in urban schooling. Students learn in English and Spanish, stay in multi-age dens for two years at a time and receive individualized instruction that differs from the standardized curriculum of rigid grade levels. The UCLA Community School opened with 350 students in kindergarten through fifth grade in September and will grow to 800 students as it expands up to 11th grade next fall.

The xenophobes will derail it.  It seems we have some sort of racial memory of having moved in and stolen the land from its previous caretakers, and now we’re afraid that giving an inch regarding minorities or immigration will allow others to do it to us.

Beside which, this sort of thing requires competent teachers, and the unions seem determined to keep them mediocre by protecting low-performers.

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