Blown Away

…you know how you go into the next room with some idea in mind, and when you get there, you can’t remember what it was, so you go back out, and you still can’t remember what it was? That’s Debby all over. She went into a tiny storm shelter below her garage the other day, just for a few minutes, and when she climbed back out, her entire house was gone. Anybody could relate.

My friend Murr can write.  Boy, can she write!  And she’s funny as hell, and has a heart as big as a pile of elephant poop.  Click on the link.  Read her blog.  Then buy one of the shirts.  Buy one for your spouse, kids and friends.  Buy extras. 

You get to feel good about yourself, and help a deserving lady too.

Read Murr’s blog now.  Then buy.  Then go to Julie’s site, click on the button, and donate.  Debby needs a new pair of shoes, and socks, and — you name it.

Blown Away

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