Is God Irrelevant?

Is God Irrelevant? | (A)theologies | Religion Dispatches

While the media still milks the chattering and snarling between theists and atheists, most people are bored by this show, and many have quietly moved into a more productive position. Growing numbers of people don’t particularly care whether or not there are gods since, even if there are, they don’t seem able to do anything in our world. If they’re omnipotent, they appear to be indifferent to the small and large-scale wars, tragedies, and slaughters around us. If they’re impotent, who needs them?

1 thought on “Is God Irrelevant?

  1. Debra Rincon Lopez

    I feel that they know that there is a God, they just say that so when they do something immoral they won’t have anyone to answer to? In their minds only, they know they have a maker and who on Earth doesn’t know that. That isn’t news to anyone, it’s just whether you want to acknowledge it or not in the public eye? I feel it’s a cope out to use this as so is an INSANITY plea when you kill someone. I suppose those were the first Atheist’s in time. They can pretend all they want but in the end they will pay for their misdeeds on earth or somewhere else in time. Ignorance cannot save anyone for what they have done in their lifetime while conscious doing it? It all comes to an end someday and on that day if your proud of what you have accomplished in your lifetime, is up to you on your death bed. It cannot be erased by you or nobody else.

    What you “feel” has nothing to do with the reality of others, and it implies that you know more about their truths than they do. How arrogant!


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