Thomas under fire for Israel remarks

Thomas under fire for Israel remarks – PATRICK GAVIN | POLITICO CLICK

Longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas is coming under fire after a video circulated widely on Friday of her saying that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and go back to Poland and Germany.

They obviously don’t have anywhere to go…so they damn well better learn to share.

1 thought on “Thomas under fire for Israel remarks

  1. william wallace

    But more nonsense in taking but another strike against
    against DEMOCRATS & BARACK in the attempt put a
    halfbaked crackpot REPUBLICAN party, toward Govt.

    Though must be said the path giving peace was pointed
    toward a palestinian free state, the injustice they having
    suffered in the hands of ISRAEL, beyond understanding
    beyond measure.. rather than a free palestinian state, it
    being their situation only worsens… the same brutality in
    having spread throughout the middle east, with hundreds
    of thousands of muslims killed …. with untold destruction
    suffering… the setting up of puppet govts that only brings
    further grief, adding to a already deep wide river of tears.

    The middle east now an open rifle range, an bombing range
    a testng ground for (drones) unmanned aircraft, themselves
    having been responsible for many deaths /man /woan /child
    no mercy shown, life no value being used as a target practice.

    It beggars belief that ISRAEL / USA / UNITED KINGDOM
    be capable of the horror having committed, one tries making
    excuse, thus justify, yet the heart be not soothed with words
    it weeps hearing the cries of millions, whom shown no mercy.


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