“Real Housewives'” child exploitation

“Real Housewives'” child exploitation – The Real Housewives | Atlanta, New Jersey, New York, Orange County – Salon.com

It’s no secret at this point that reality TV is a genre built on the perverse pageantry of degradation. For years, the basic formula has been to fill a mansion with unstable wannabe actors, pit them against one another, feed them booze, and watch them fuck and fight. As long as everyone is of age (and has filled out the required paperwork indemnifying the network) it’s all fair game. There’s no law against people making fools of themselves on national TV.

But what happens when the genre’s demographic reach starts to invade childhood — when those caught in the manufactured mayhem are too young to protect themselves?

The answer is pretty simple: Exploitation.

The degradation is precisely why I never watch reality TV, and never will. It appeals to the worst in human pathology. Even the talent shows are just extensions of the Gong Show mentality of the ’70’s. Emotional porn.

1 thought on ““Real Housewives'” child exploitation

  1. william wallace

    The last few centuries of humanity…… for western nations
    it being christianity that holding power… through religious
    exploitation bringing about the death suffering for millions.

    The church authority supported the divine right of kings
    / queens to rule.. in return were granted wealth / power,
    an power used to the extreme where millions slaughtered
    that christianity could take root.. for centuries the masses
    enslaved through fear / bound in religious mumbo jumbo.

    For centuries ability to read / write was withheld, church
    authority fearing in education the masses would challenge
    church authority.. would question christian brainwashing.

    In present times where millions have freed themselves
    from power of the church..it freedom / democracy that
    people look toward bringing justice equality to all, that
    through a vote one can chose those they wish to govern
    in representing the material / spiritual needs of people.

    The unfortunate fact politicians/ politics having become
    as corrupt as church authority /whom preached religion.
    Such methods used by politicians an full control of media

    When in very early USA movie industry.. movies made
    that challenged the conduct of Govt that challenged the
    policies that made..the response of the USA Govt was to
    run a campaign against the movie industry, calling them
    communists, whom were trying to bring down the Govt
    whom were trying to remove freedom & democracy.. the
    end result of an brutal attack against the movie industry
    the Govt won its way.. in gaining the complete control of
    what produced…thus the USA movie industry reduced
    to production of utter mindless nonsense.. an means for
    the tobacco companies to glamourize tobacco unto adult
    child alike..from the cowboy rolling his cigarette.. to the
    dying soldier having a cigarette placed in his mouth such
    being portrayed as a act of love..with such advertising…
    millions in becoming addicted to tobacco with its added
    highly addictive chemicals…political parties funded to the
    tune of $millions thus be blind to the deaths the suffering.

    Through time in using the full use of the media politicians
    as politics having become as corrupt as church / religions
    the rights of the people slowly stripped away, as example
    defending nation against terrorism, having left the people
    lacking little / any rights..where a individual be arrested
    in having no rights to be told him/her the crime accussed
    no access to an lawyer.. where held for any length of time.

    The aim of democracy freedom was to replace injustice
    the power of the church as royalty in behaving as they
    please.. thus all are held to account.. none so privileged
    to being above the law, all equaled before the Almighty.

    The aim / desire of a democratic / freedom loving Govt
    chosen by the people / was to be servants of the people.

    Through many decades of worsening political corruption
    where blinded by the greed of wealth / power / cunning
    deceit… the people having become but servants of Govt.


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