Fearing For Our Fuel-Feathered Friends

I like to brag that I am a published ornithologist, having been generously listed by a college professor of mine as a co-author on a paper he produced based on Savannah Sparrow data that some other students and I helped collect. But this is not a post by a scientist; for that, you should have a look at the pieces produced by many of my truly qualified colleagues writing on this disaster. Rather, this is a post by someone who, as a three year-old 37 years ago, insisted on being served dinner in a nest constructed of pillows under the table, and on being told that the evening’s meatloaf was in fact birdseed. I am a lifelong and unabashed bird guy, and I am terrified about what’s about to happen to them in the Gulf.

For Our Fuel-Feathered Friends | Jon Devine’s Blog

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