The New Media — Whom Should We Trust?

Last October the Columbia Journalism Review published an excellent article that discussed the inevitable (and current) changes in the way we get information.  Large municipal newspapers are going under.  News magazines such as Time and Newsweek have turned into adjuncts of their websites and are, clearly, under the thumb of their big business owners.  The more diligent TV reporters are dead, retired, or pastured out to the occasional special report.  The sound bite and politically correct thirty-second spot rule.  So where do we get information we can trust?

I meant to link to the CJR report at the time, and got distracted.  Given the obvious polarization and control of accurate coverage demonstrated in the runup to the Health Care Bill, and just as prevalent in the coverage of the Gulf disaster, it seems like a good idea to bring it to your attention now.  Just how are the “New Media” developing?  Do we have any control over how we will receive and believe information?  Does anybody much really care?

The Reconstruction of American Journalism

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