Climate Change Hits the Oceans — But Will That Change The Opposition?

Climate Change Hits the Oceans – TIME

To get a measure of what’s truly going on, scientists look to the oceans — slow to heat up, slow to cool down, and thus less prone to short-term variations. Indeed, says John Lyman an oceanographer at the University of Hawaii, “about 80 or 90 percent of the extra heat absorbed by the planet is absorbed into the oceans.” That being the case, Lyman and several colleagues set about trying to see how the ocean’s heat content has changed over the past couple of decades. The result, appearing in the current issue of Nature, will give little comfort to climate change deniers: the oceans have been warming inexorably since at least 1993, at a rate broadly consistent with what you’d expect from the buildup of greenhouse gases.

So, we need a few studies to study the study, and it needs to be taken under advisement by a few committees. Then we have to consider some”studies” that refute the conclusions (paid for by industry).  Then there will be a few more confirming studies that need consideration, and then…

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1 thought on “Climate Change Hits the Oceans — But Will That Change The Opposition?

  1. Pmiller

    There are an awful lot of ocean recording station spread over most of the globe that have been taking data for some years. It would not take rocket science or massive computer models to show what is happening all over the globe. So what is happening with all of the newer floating data buoys. I am told there thousands of them measuring not only surface but to a depth of several hundred feet.


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