Thunderbumpers — How Thunderstorms Work

This is a perenially popular post, which I link to once
again for your amazement and edification.

“Climate is what you expect. Weather is what you get.”
– Anonymous

Here in Florida the rainy season officially begins on May 20, and runs through the end of October. During this period we get from 85-90% of

Thunderstorm from space (NASA)Thunderstorm from space (NASA)

our total annual rainfall of about 60 inches. We’re entering the season of the southeast trade winds, the balmy breezes that circulate around the Bermuda high, passing over the warm waters of the sub-tropical Atlantic, then across the warm shallows of the Bahamas. This southeasterly flow, combined with the surface low pressure over land caused by strong thermals, brings huge quantities of warm, moist air across the peninsula from the east. At the same time a weaker flow from the Gulf of Mexico brings similar conditions to the West Coast.  Read More…


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