Hydrogen is not the Fuel of the Future

Hydrogen is not the Fuel of the Future |Triple Pundit

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear: hydrogen is not a energy resource. Hydrogen does not exist naturally in any sufficient quantities to make it a viable energy source, at least on this planet. To get hydrogen in any useful quantities, it must be extracted from natural gas, water or biomass, and all of these result in a net loss of energy. It is more efficient to use these fuels in their original forms.

It’s embarrassing that anyone even finds these things worth noting. Gads, I wish they taught science in this country.

When I was in school, every 7th grader had a mandatory year of science, and the curriculum wasn’t determined by committees influenced by uneducated cretins the way it is today. We extracted hydrogen ourselves, and learned how and why that worked. No one educated back then who was capable of learning much of anything could possible believe the b.s. they’ve been spouting over the past decade or so.

Gee.  I wonder if that’s why they dumbed down the curricula.  You think?


Author: Bill

Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

2 thoughts on “Hydrogen is not the Fuel of the Future”

  1. Really like the picture on the homepage Bill.

    Once again, I learn something new here, and thank you for the detailed answer. All I could think of afterwards is “they are dumbing me down again” and of course, “I bet Bill had HIS science project in on time!” (I was the kid standing over at the pencil sharpener, idly staring out the window and cranking away).

    Thanks, later my friend.


  2. It’s so weird this whole rising up against people with education, as if being educated makes one dumber or less qualified to do something (ie. W. or Palin being more suited to the presidency than Obama because they’re just regular people, not an elite from Harvard). It’s like high school all over again where the smart kids are made fun of for actually participating in class. I thought we were past that point in our lives by now.

    Well, when you sit in the back of the room you have two choices — to admit you haven’t got it, or pretend the smart kids don’t. I guess pretending is easier on both counts, and I expect it becomes a comforting habit.

    There’s also the religion issue. To understand science is to create all sorts of cognitive dissonance when it comes to religious beliefs. If you believe in a literal Bible, it’s almost impossible to reconcile the conflicts. People go with simplicity, given a choice, and they’d rather believe that their friend in the sky will take care of them than to acknowledge that they have to take care of themselves.

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