First Aid

It’s Summertime, and Summer comes with plenty of opportunities for injuries of various kinds.  Knowing how to handle first aid in emergencies can make a lot of difference in how serious an injury turns out to be in the long run.  This is an excellent online resource, but it is not a substitute for a first aid course, nor for having a comprehensive first aid handbook available at home or in your traveling kit. 

Browse the site, bookmark, and send the link along.  You could be doing someone a big favor.  (And don’t forget that handbook and kit for the car!)

First Aid –

1 thought on “First Aid

  1. captiveenrapture

    Hi Cracker Boy

    Love the post, 🙂 … Been looking up First Aid all day, now that the soccer world cup is here in SA everyone is looking for first aid suppliers, and first aid people.

    Enjoy. btw – funky blog. 🙂

    SEO Expert


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