Animal Rights Group Blasts Senator’s Plan for Florida Python Hunts

Animal Rights Group Blasts Senator’s Plan for Florida Python Hunts

… officials from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals suggested that Nelson focus on banning the import and private ownership of pythons.

“Because as long as individuals are allowed to acquire these exotic animals, they will continue to be abandoned outdoors and attack humans,” PETA said in a statement obtained by “These animals have ended up in Florida through no fault of their own, and they should be dealt with in the most humane way possible.”

You’ve gotta figure a few things about PETA:

  • They all live where it snows
  • The significance of an estimated 100,000 pythons in the Everglades ecosystem — a breeding population — has escaped them
  • They are unaware, or do not care, that the snakes are destroying the ecosystem at literally breakneck speed
  • They don’t get that these critters kill 5-foot alligators (although they don’t digest them very well)
  • They’ve gotta be up past their eyeballs in politically-correct bullshit (bulls have a right to shit, y’know), or they’d be able to understand these issues; thing is, they don’t want to understand
  • They’re either abysmally ignorant about zoology, ecology and related fields (odd, for people who are supposed to love animals), or they’re just plain stupid.

So, OK, PETA.  C’mon down and catch some fifteen-foot predators — humanely.  I’ll come along and take pictures.  I can hardly wait.  Hell, we’ll sell tickets, and donate the remains proceeds to PETA.  That’s fair.

And by the way, what’s inhumane about atomizing a snake’s head with a shotgun?  They don’t feel a thing.


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