Right-Wing Blowhards Afraid To Put Their Bodies On The Line

by Bill Webb (Crackerboy)

Y’know, personally I find the “Mancow” character who broadcasts out of Chicago one of the most offensive jackasses on the planet. He’s a couple of notches down from what’s-his-name, the Oxycontin addict, but not far.

In one respect I have to hand it to him, though. He is the ONLY — that’s O-N-L-Y — right-wing jackass who has had the nerve to put his money where his mouth is regarding waterboarding and torture, and furthermore to admit he was wrong afterward.

ONLY includes Dick Cheney (who has a heart condition and no doubt “more important” things to do, just like when he was eligible for the draft), Alberto “SuckFatass” Gonzalez, George Walker Bush, George Tenet, and all the others who have been saying that (a) waterboarding and the CIA’s other dirty little pleasures aren’t torture and, (b) it’s necessary for national security.  None of those people, so ready to put a bunch of strangers’ lives and sanity on the line, bothered to research, witness or — God forbid! — experience any of the procedures.  None of them read any of the body of literature that has held for fifty years that torture does not produce reliable results.  None of them cared enough.  What the hell, it’s only ragheads — right guys?

Back in the days when I was a so-called leader, I made goddamn sure that I went through all the training my guys did, experienced their jobs the way they did, and had a good overview of everything they were asked to do that I wasn’t able to be involved in.  I never ordered them to do anything that I wasn’t willing to do myself, and plenty of times I did it along with them.  Those guys knew that, and they seemed to respect me for it.  I did it that way because the people who led me showed me how by their example, and because I would have been ashamed to let them down.

Flash forward now to people who never really led anything, and who never learned the first lesson required of any real leader: how to follow.  These are the kinds of people who will believe opinions of other inexperienced people who get them in sanitized form from third parties who probably got them from lawyers who didn’t know anything about the matter either, except what they’d heard.  These are the kind of folks who will ask troops to deploy time and time again, ignore the fact that their civilian lives, marriages and often mental health are being destroyed, tell them it’s OK to do horrendous things to non-combatants in the name of preserving democracy, and then let them face the consequences — consequences that are incidental for the perpetrators, but life-destroying for the operators.

These are the kind of folks who keep insisting that waterboarding isn’t torture.  I take my hat off to Mancow — not because I’d want to be in the same room with him for more than two minutes, but because he wasn’t afraid to back up his bloviating with action.  I’d love to see every blowhard pundit who has bleated his (or her) opinion on this subject do just one thing: put themselves in the same position he did, for the six or seven seconds that he did it.  Feel the wet cloth over the face.  Feel the water running down the nose and throat.

Understand that torture really happens; that it’s not just theory.

How about it Rush?  Ann?  Anybody….

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