Torture’s enablers — U.S. image suffers for lack of accountability

Will any of the torturers pay?

Let’s see: the Shrub pardons everyone else.  Then he resigns.  Cheney becomes president and pardons Bush.  Nice and neat.  Except it won’t happen; these thugs think they’re bulletproof.  We’ll see what the Congress thinks.

Last week, the Senate Armed Services Committee released portions of its inquiry into the torture of prisoners in American custody. The following quote, by Gen. David Petraeus, commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East, appears at the top of the report: “What sets us apart from our enemies in this fight is how we behave. In everything we do, we must observe the standards and values that dictate that we treat noncombatants and detainees with dignity and respect. While we are warriors, we are also human beings.”

Petraeus’ words were the ideal. The Bush administration did not comply with that ideal in its prosecution of its “war on terror.” It has yet to be held accountable. …

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