Everglades Deal Will Not Be All Sweetness And Light

The ramifications and double-dealing are beginning to become more apparent.

The Ledger

SFWMD folks are already talking about leasing the majority of the 187,000 acres back to be used for active farming and the Sierra Club lawyers, whose successful lawsuit to stop U.S. Sugar from dumping its dirty water into Lake Okeechobee triggered the conditions for this deal, are saying over their dead bodies.

1 thought on “Everglades Deal Will Not Be All Sweetness And Light

  1. Don Smith

    Now that is interesting. I read that article and I thought it was all “peaches and creme” turns out it isn’t huh Bill? Too good to be true, sure wish they would come to their senses on a lot of this stuff.

    You always hope that somewhere, that mankind will come to its senses and realize that this planet is a fragile ecosystem and not a dumping ground.

    If this was an apartment, we wouldn’t be getting our deposit back you know it?


    Frankly, my friend, I’m afraid we’re in the process of having our butts evicted.


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